Avalon Asic Launched FBA200
Avalon asic Apollo it offers hashrate of 200th/s and power efficiency 1600 W
Avalon asic Apollo 200Th/s

The idea is that customers who want to use the iot network of public hotspots use HNTs to buy data credits on the network. … When an HNT buys a data credit, the HNT is burned, so as people use the network and buy more data credits, the overall number of HNTs could drop (although more are continuously being mined).20‏/04‏/2021

Advance Sales Of Avalon Asic

Mining HNT is done by installing a simple device on your office window. That’s it. Seriously. Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using iot LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this.

What Is Integrated Avalon Asic  ?

avalon asic integrated miner is a professional Sha-256 mining device which supports Multi algorithms . It is assembled by high configuration Asic cards, customized and highly compatible case, professional rack and other optimized accessories for the highest mining efficiency.With its perfect flexibility, a Asic integrated miner can be applied in multi-hashing algorithm mining, which provides a lot more options to mine cryptocurrencies which have seen surging fever and growing profits.

avalon asic
Compared to normal asic miners

Top-level Asic Card

avalon asic
Compared to normal asic miners

Multi Hashing Algorithms

avalon asic
Much Higher ROI

Lower Deploying Cost!

avalon asic
Top-level asic Card

Higher Hashrate & More Efficient


avalon asic Valuing avalon asic at ¥3bn (approximately $430m), the Series A round saw the participation of Jin Jiang International Group, Baopu Asset Management and Tunlan Investment. The investment is the largest-ever announced by a bitcoin mining business, though one avalon asic line with moves from Canaan’s competitors. One of the largest makers of ASIC chips specialized for mining, the firm’s diversification follows competitor Bitfury’s transition into software services and pursuits centered on enterprise blockchain offerings. avalon asic, however, the avalon asic serve as a means to facilitate the exploration of computing chips for use in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and potentially, into hardware solutions for alternative cryptocurrencies that require different chips to optimize the mining process. Spokesperson Steven Mosher told CoinDesk: “We are also looking at other currencies and other places where we can apply that capital. We can apply it to big data, we can apply it in AI or in IoT.” According to Mosher, the company believes AI will provide the most fertile ground for the Canaan’s expansion, and he projected that the returns could be “as good as” the company’s earnings from mining chip sales. Further, he suggested that given the interest in intersections between the two industries there could be “synergy down the road”. Mosher also hinted at other products aimed at alternative cryptocurrencies. “We have new products in the pipeline both on the proof-of-work side

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